Who are we?
TasteBlueMountainCoffee.com is one of the few authorized Blue Mountain Coffee importers in the USA. Every barrel has been tested and passed through the intense quality-control vetting process through the Jamaican Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authorities. Blue Mountain Coffee is graded into Blue Mountain No. 1, 2, 3, Peaberry and Selective. Other grades of Jamaican coffee include High Mountain Supreme, Jamaican Prime, and Jamaican Select. Our 100% Blue Mountain Coffee is No.1 graded coffee beans certified by JACRA.

Our coffee beans are roasted to order and delivered at your doorstep at the height of freshness. We take pride in the fact that our beans are grown in the highest point of the beautiful island of Jamaica, above altitudes between 3,000 and 5,500 feet. The volcanic soil plays a vital role in the flavor of our coffee, as it nurtures a distinct drinking experience. Ultimately, what sets us apart is that our process takes double the amount of time than the others.

Why is our Coffee so Special?
Each and every single bean is carefully hand-sorted by a crew of local women in Jamaica, and the coffee beans are always pulped the same day it is reaped. Each and every single bean in this very bag were 100% wet-processed and sun-dried until there is precisely 11.5% moisture content, resulting in the most perfect cup of coffee.Due to cool mountain conditions, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee takes about twice as long to grown or about 10 months in comparison to other countries. This makes Blue Mountain Coffee scarce and more expensive.